Hypnotic Coaching gets your being and doing aligned

An Invitation to play and enjoy becoming antifragile

Pia Johansen Background and stuff

  • Certified DK & International Hypnotherapist from different schools
  • Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist IAPCH
  • Certified Master NLP & HNLP Coach
  • Performance Enhancement for Professionals in Business & Sports
  • Rapid Change and hypnotic Coaching Add-ons: Subtle Communication, Integrative Hypnosis, Meta Pattern, Trauma and Anxiety, Smoking Cessation, Hypnosis for Children, ADHD/ADD, Autism, Impromptu and show, Pain, PIM, Allergy, Metaphors/Clean Language and many more. I attend international courses, conferences and workshops every year.
  • Hee Yoga Instruktør (Grounding, Breathing, Exercises, Hypnosis, Acupressure, TRE-Tension/Trauma/Stress Release Exercises)
  • Alpha Sequence, Head, Heart & Gut Coherence, BreathWork, Open Focus, Meditation, PIM, regulating the Vagus nerve, Mindfulness, EFT… A never ending toolbox
  • Short Personal: Former IT Consultant, Mother of 3, love my Farm-life, Neuroscience, Creative, Nerdy, Fast thinker and patient teacher, Positive Lifetime Learner with a passion that makes a difference.
Hypnotisør, Hypnoterapeut
Pia Dalhøj Johansen Master NLP/HNLP Coach, Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Hee Yoga Instructor.


Hej Pia.

Tusind tak og tak for idag.

Det var en af de fedeste oplevelser i mit liv.

Du er genial

Med venlig hilsen/Best Regards

One Session Wonder (Breakthrough Session)

Powerpack (Breakthrough & Ressources -3 weeks)

S.T.O.R.M – Self Transformation Optimal Ressources & Mastery


Transformational Hypnotic Coaching

State-Based and Dynamic Coaching in the Now

Self Accountability and Self Awareness

Leverages unconscious processing

Utilizes Hypnotic Principles

Draws from multiple Sources

Understands all change happens at an unconscious level first

Focus on what can this become instead of the problem

Coaching beyond Goals and Attention shifting

Head, Heart, Gut Physical Alignment, Breathing (Grounding)

Create, Prioritise and Execute New Values, Habits, Strategies and Behaviours